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Ink Inspector is an ideal solution for collectors who want a no-frills analysis and a certified opinion that corroborates the authenticity of a signature, thereby elevating its value.  This is our area of expertise.  We will also render a complimentary opinion of a card's grade, but we won't "slab" the card in a proprietary encasement.  We specialize in the assessment of items residing in the $0-$500 price range.  In the case of especially rare or valuable signatures, we recommend that you pay the extra money to have your item scrutinized by Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA). They are overpriced, and their accuracy isn't any better than our own - but they are widely recognized as the industry standard.  Unfortunately, this recognition is sometimes worth paying for; I'd be doing you a disservice to say otherwise.  They are located here:  For most autographs, Ink Inspector is an excellent, inexpensive alternative.  We do not inexplicably charge more based on the estimated value of an item.  We do, however, offer discounts for volume.

1 signature - $15

5 or more - $12 each

10 or more - $10 each

20 or more - $8 each

Each signature is carefully evaluated.  If deemed authentic, a signed item will receive a unique databased number and an accompanying Certificate of Authenticity.  An estimate of condition, using PSA's 1-10 grading scale, will be provided.  Customers are responsible for tracked shipping in both directions.  We do not refund assessment fees for signatures we deem to be inauthentic, but we will gladly return such items to you.  We are not bribable; do not ask us to authenticate fake signatures unless you wish to be reported.

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